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Older Cars With Low Mileage Problems

In October of 2013 6587 miles and 2 years ago I replaced the brake rotors and pads on a 2004 Cadillac Deville to pass state inspection. As you can see

2001 Honda Accord P1456

Well you are driving down the road and your check engine light comes on.  You go to your parts store and they read the code that is stored in your cars computer. In this case you have a 2001 Honda Accord, and you are told that you have a code 1456 stored in your PCM […]

Cheap Muffler VS More Expensive Muffler.

Sometimes you have to spend a bit more to get a lot more. When it comes time to replace a component in your vehicles exhaust system it is best to spend a little more. Why? If you want to replace your 

Carol S. Asks: Why Is My Oil Pan Rusted And Leaking? Can It Be Repaired?

Carol asked me how her oil pan in her Honda Civic became so rusted. Also she asked if it could be repaired. She asked me how an oil pan could rust because she was told that oil prevents rust on metal. How could this be? Well Carol the rust actually starts from the outside and eventually […]

Prevent costly Steering Rack Replacement With Routine Power Steering Fluid Changes

In this post I am going to try to prevent you from being faced with the large repair bill of having your power steering rack replaced. Those of you who are fortunate enough to have a newer vehicle with electric power steering this post does not apply to you. Most power steering systems consist of

Glenn D. Asks: Why Should I Replace My Hydraulic Tensioner With My Timing Belt?

Glenn recently had his timing belt replaced along with his water pump on his 2006 Honda Pilot. It was suggested to him that he replace his “hydraulic tensioner” with the timing belt and water pump. It was around $80 more for the part and reluctantly agreed to replace the part. Glenn asked me :  Joe […]

What does my car starter look like?

Well your car would not turn over and you just had your battery replaced last month. You have your car towed into the shop and you get a ride to work from a family member or friend. You get a phone call from the shop it was towed to and sure enough you have a 

Sam R. Ask’s : What is an outer tie rod end ? What does it do?

Well Sam you actually have a left outer tie rod end , and a right outer tie rod end. Each tie rod end is connected to an inner tie rod end and finally connected to the power steering rack. In the picture you will see an old tie rod on the left and a new […]

Kathleen C. Asks: I had my squeaky belt replaced on my car. Why is it still noisy?

Well Kathleen I have seen it before where belts had been replaced on a car to remedy an annoying chirp ,chirp noise. You usually first hear it in the morning when you first start your car and the chirping noise slowly fades away as the engine warms. After awhile the noise lasts for a longer amount […]

Old fuel filter & New fuel filter

Every now and then I will see a situation like this one, where a vehicle has not seen the attention it should as far as maintenance are concerned. On the left you can see a brand new fuel filter, and the one pictured on the right is the old fuel filter. The old fuel filter […]