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Always Wear Your Seat Belt, Especially With Air Bags!

I was just reminded recently of something that I see from time to time. Take a look at the picture in this post and tell me what you see. Yes that is right you see an empty drivers seat with a seat belt connected. So whats wrong with that? Well nothing is wrong with that […]

Glenn D. Asks: Why Should I Replace My Hydraulic Tensioner With My Timing Belt?

Glenn recently had his timing belt replaced along with his water pump on his 2006 Honda Pilot. It was suggested to him that he replace his “hydraulic tensioner” with the timing belt and water pump. It was around $80 more for the part and reluctantly agreed to replace the part. Glenn asked me :  Joe […]

Kathleen C. Asks: I had my squeaky belt replaced on my car. Why is it still noisy?

Well Kathleen I have seen it before where belts had been replaced on a car to remedy an annoying chirp ,chirp noise. You usually first hear it in the morning when you first start your car and the chirping noise slowly fades away as the engine warms. After awhile the noise lasts for a longer amount […]