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2001 Honda Accord Engine Oil Consumption

Well it’s true over the course of time most vehicles have issues that arise. Whether it be suspension problems,engine problems, or transmission problems time usually tells all. For 20 years I worked as a factory trained Honda automotive technician. I stayed with that product line because 

Engine Oil Consumption Problems

From all the responses I have received about consumers complaining about their new Subaru’s consuming too much oil I thought that I would take a moment respond. Yes Subaru currently has an oil consumption issue with some of their vehicles and I am sure that Subaru will correct the problem eventually. I think that


If you have ever wondered whats involved in replacing spark plugs in a 2005 Toyota Sienna well here you go.  As you can see you have to


Redditors recommended one of my articles!

My article about a timing chain got mentioned on Reddit at the /r/JustRolledIntoTheShop subreddit. User “Disgustipated” liked my writeup and picture and it illustrate a point being discussed on the page. Thanks a ton, Disgustipated, for the kind words. Here’s a link to the discussion on Reddit where my article is mentioned. To any Redditors […]

New Hampshire Chronicle Boulay Segment

New Hampshire Chronicle showed Boulay’s Garage segment again!

New Hampshire Chronicle aired the segment about Boulay’s garage again tonight. I had no idea it happened till a friend told me. That sure explains the rush of visits today! As a thank you to people who watched the show and then came here, I’ll offer a special for New Hampshire Chronicle viewers: $29.95 for […]

Is your cabin air filter in your car dirty? Do you know if your vehicle has one?

I have made mention of what a cabin air filter is,and what it does in my book “If That Car Could Talk”. On page 129 I show an example of an unbelievably  dirty cabin air filter. The point I am trying to get across is most people do not realize that they are breathing the air that passes […]

If Money is tight, prioritize what needs to be done to your car for maintenance & repairs

So you bring your car in for an inspection or service, and you are handed a big list of concerns that need to be addressed. You need to ask the service advisor to split the list into two categories. What NEEDS to be done such as safety items, and what SHOULD be done for maintenance and […]

New Years Resolution:Take Better Care Of Your Car In 2013,Budget For Maintenance!

How much do you set aside to maintain your vehicle during the course of a year?  Do you follow a maintenance schedule that is in your vehicles owners manual? Maybe this year you can start to set aside $4.00 a day for a maintenance for your car. That’s right for only four bucks a day, […]

Maintenance Question: Mike R. asks , “Whats the safest way to clean my battery” ?

Well Mike the best way to clean that corrosion off your battery is by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda to about 16 ounces of water. You can pour this solution directly over the corrosion on the battery and the chemical reaction will fizz away the acid. You can also pour the solution into a […]

Why should I have to change my brake fluid?

One of the great things about this web site is that I can now share many color photos that I wanted to include in my book “If That Car Could Talk.” If you have a brake job done it is not a bad idea to have your brake fluid exchanged out for new.  When I […]