Kathleen C. Asks: I had my squeaky belt replaced on my car. Why is it still noisy?

Well Kathleen I have seen it before where belts had been replaced on a car to remedy an annoying chirp ,chirp noise. You usually first hear it in the morning when you first start your car and the chirping noise slowly fades away as the engine warms. After awhile the noise lasts for a longer amount of time. You bring it to your mechanic and have the belt replaced, and the noise is gone. A short time later you start your car up one morning and there’s the  noise again! Frustrated you bring it back to the shop that replaced the belt demanding another new belt! Well you find out that you actually needed a serpentine belt tensioner along with the belt. In the picture you can see the new belt tensioner on the right , and the old one is on the left. The serpentine belt tensioner is a spring loaded component that overtime loses the spring tension it once had and causes the belt to slip. So if you have a noisy belt replaced and the noise comes back a short while later you might want to point a finger at the tensioner.

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