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Rusted axles on older Honda

I haven’t seen an axle do this in some time and it’s not with just Honda’s. You see this can happen with any front wheel drive car, so when you bring your older front wheel drive buggy in for service it’s important that

Honda Accord Rusted Rear Bumper Beam

If you live in the rust belt you are probably far too familiar with the negative effect that road salt has on your vehicle. You should not only be concerned about the rust you see but the

2001 Honda Accord Engine Oil Consumption

Well it’s true over the course of time most vehicles have issues that arise. Whether it be suspension problems,engine problems, or transmission problems time usually tells all. For 20 years I worked as a factory trained Honda automotive technician. I stayed with that product line because 

2004 Honda Accord Stretched Timing Chain P0341

I guess that we could call this post “Autopsy of an engine” please join me as we take apart this poorly maintained engine.  Well the owner of the engine this vehicle learned the hard way about what can happen to an engine that has a timing chain and too few oil changes. This engine had […]

2001 Honda Accord P1456

Well you are driving down the road and your check engine light comes on.  You go to your parts store and they read the code that is stored in your cars computer. In this case you have a 2001 Honda Accord, and you are told that you have a code 1456 stored in your PCM […]