Incorrect Battery Installed In My Car

Well the individual that owns this car knew that their battery was over 5 years old. The shop that they normally go to told them that their battery tested weak and should consider replacing it soon. The customer said that they would consider it, but they could not afford to do it right now because they were going on a mini vacation. As soon as they got back they would replace the battery. Besides the car was starting just fine…. what do they know anyway? Well guess what? The very first morning they went to leave the hotel to go have breakfast and one turn of the key and, click,click,click. Second turn of the key click,click,click,click! Being over 150 miles from home and their normal mechanic they had to go to the front desk at the hotel and get the name and number of the closest auto repair shop. They called a number that they were given and they came to the hotel and gave them a jump start. They then drove their car to the shop , then they tested the battery and sure enough it was a bad battery. The mechanic at the shop said, ” We don’t have the exact battery that fits your car, but we can match one up!”  As you can they did just that , but the battery posts are supposed to be in the area of the yellow circle with the red dot in the middle of it. Notice the location of the prop rod clip by the green arrow.  This is NOT the correct battery for this vehicle.  Also note the position of the hood prop rod, and the fact that the battery positive terminal is missing the protective cover. If the  metal hood prop rod made a grounded connection to the battery positive terminal post a spark could be created and cause the battery to explode!  With this battery they were able to enjoy the balance of their vacation, but needed to be replaced with the correct battery as soon as possible. Oh I almost forgot to mention that the bungee cord for a battery hold down needs to be replaced  with the metal bracket  as soon as possible.

Whats wrong with this battery?

Whats wrong with this picture?

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