Nicole Asks: Joe How Can I Prevent My Car From Being Stolen?

Nicole asks : Joe I have a security system installed in my Honda Civic, and it has an Immobilizer system in the car as well. I am finding out that even with those features, my car can still be easily stolen by professional car thieves. Is there anything else I can do? Well Nicole has a good question here, but if you own a car that is desirable to thieves they will do what ever it takes to steal your car, or valuables that you may leave  your car. I do have a quick suggestion for you If you are to leave your car at a less than secure location. Open your glove box and pull out your owners manual and look in the back of the index and look for your vehicles fuse locations for your vehicle. Most vehicles will have at least two fuse boxes,one under the hood and one under your dash. What I suggest that you do is remove the fuel pump fuse, yes that’s right remove your vehicles fuel pump fuse. Your vehicle will not start without this fuse  installed no matter how many security systems are disabled by a thief! Remove the fuel pump fuse and hide the fuse somewhere in your vehicle, do not lose it. It is not likely that anyone who is trying to steal your car will take the time needed to figure out that the fuel pump fuse is missing, nor will they have a fuse to install in their pocket. As you can see pictured fuse #4 is a 15 amp fuse that protects the fuel pump circuit for this vehicle. In this case if you remove the 15 amp blue fuse in #4 position this cars engine will turn over but will not start.Thanks for the question, I hope this helps you.

# 4 15 amp fuel pump fuse location

Red arrow indicates # 4 15 amp fuel pump fuse location.

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