Can A Dirty Air Filter Reduce Fuel Mileage And Cause Engine Damage ?

Well with the cold weather that comes with winter you can expect a drastic drop in fuel mileage in itself. If you have a dirty air filter you can add approximately 15 to 20 % drop to that! You see it is all about air flow, that determines if  an engine can  run efficiently or not, it needs to breath as we do. Having a plugged or dirty air filter would be like going jogging with your mouth closed with only one nostril  to breath through. You also should know that when an air filter is too dirty it can no longer filter as it should. The dirt that cannot be filtered passes through the filter and is sucked directly into your engine causing abrasion and damage to your engine. Combine that with an oil filter that is restricted and you have a recipe for major engine damage. The old air filter pictured on the left was replaced at a 20 thousand mile point. On the right you will see what a new air filter looks like to compare with the dirty one. Everyone subjects their vehicles to different driving conditions, such as dirt roads etc. This is why you should establish a relationship with your mechanic that performs services on your car. You need to know that your air filter is being inspected at every oil change interval. So pay a little now for a new air filter or a whole lot later for fuel and engine damage! So if your car could talk what would it say? ”  Please change my air filter I am having trouble breathing here”!!!

See the old air filter on the left with 20 K miles since being replaced last.

See the old air filter on the left with 20 K miles since being replaced last. New filter is on the right.

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