Question of the week: Why don’t my windshield wipers work well?

Bob L. asks, “hey Joe I just replaced my windshield wipers and they still do not clear that well. Now what?”

Thanks for the question Bob, you are not alone this is a common question for me and I have a simple solution to the problem to greatly improve wiper performance.

Here’s what is the likely cause of your issue. Commonly road film will collect on your windshield and new wiper blades will not always correct the problem. Another thing is if your windshield is sprayed with a chemical ,such as wax or any coating . Your wipers were made to remove water not really anything else. Here is a simple solution for your problem. Go and buy some fine steel wool, spray your entire windshield with glass cleaner any kind will do. Make one horizontal and vertical pass over the windshield with the steel wool, do not worry it will not scratch the glass. Hose the residue off the windshield with water, and wipe the rubber part of the wiper blade down with a clean cloth. Your windshield wipers should now work perfectly.

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