Question:Why is it important to have a valve stem cap?

Dennis R. asks, why is a valve stem cap so important anyway? So what’s wrong here? Well we appear to be missing the all important valve stem cap, not a big deal right? No it is not a big deal if you screw a new one on when you notice that it is gone. Everything on your vehicle serves a purpose big or small and something as small as a valve stem cap serves a pretty big purpose. You see the valve stem cap is not just a little plastic cap; it has a rubber seal in it that is designed to keep dirt and moisture out of the valve stem core that keeps the air your tires. If your valve stem core fails guess where the air goes without that little plastic cap?

That’s right the air goes out of your tire and you end up with a flat tire. Now where did that valve stem go? Perhaps one of your children needed one for their bike? No I doubt it, what probably happened was the last time you brought your vehicle in for service your tire pressure may have been checked but the valve stem cap may not have been put back on. If your vehicle has tire pressure monitors it is even more important to have a valve stem cap to keep the moisture out. When the time comes to put your snow tires on, or just replace your tires you may have to replace a tire pressure monitor if the valve core seizes into the stem. That could possibly mean your wallet may be an extra $60.00-$80.00 lighter than you expected! I have replaced many tire pressure monitors as a result of missing valve stem caps that allow moisture to come in. If you go in for a routine service that includes checking the tire pressure, the valve stem cap should be replaced if missing. Finding a mechanic that does that is a keeper!

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