Joe Boulay Say’s: Prevent Ethanol Issues With Star Tron Fuel Enzyme Treatment

I have been reading a lot lately about  10% Ethanol or also known as (E 10) and the negative effects it is having on fuel systems in most vehicles. Soon the issue may only get worse as  15 % Ethanol or (E 15) will be added to fuel, and some auto manufacturers are stating that it will void the vehicles warranty if E 15 is used in there vehicles. There are a lot of  good fuel additives out there but one stands out for me. It is called Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment, I added the required amount to my gas tank in my truck and filled the tank with 87 octane fuel. After approximately 20 miles I noticed that my trucks engine  no longer made the “pinging” noise it used to going up the long hill into my town. I also noticed a big difference in performance as well. I plan to test fuel mileage , and the cleaning characteristics the product has , so stay tuned for that. What you need to understand is there are 4 main problems with ethanol blended fuel.

  1. Debris in fuel.
  2. Excessive water in the fuel and phase separation.
  3. Ethanol fuels breakdown quickly.
  4. Ethanol causes lost power,performance and  decreased fuel economy.

Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment is a great product and I use it in my vehicles and recommend that you do the same.  Star Tron has formulated their Enzyme fuel treatment products in different sizes and concentrations to suit your needs. Star Tron is available at your local parts stores. For more information visit or call 800-327-8583. I have added information that was provided to me by Star Tron to follow below.

Ethanol 101



Problem 1: Debris in Fuel


Gums rapidly form in the fuel tank and fuel delivery systems as

ethanol fuels age – this begins to occur as soon as 30 days after the fuel has been blended. However, ethanol is also a powerful solvent

that will strip away and disperse this build up back into the fuel

as large, performance-robbing particles. This leads to clogged

filters, injectors and carburetors and engines that are difficult to start or run rough. It is especially a problem in smaller, carbureted engines.


Star Tron® Solution: Star Tron®’s enzymes break down debris into sub-micron sized particles that can be easily burned during the

combustion process, restoring full performance. With regular use, Star Tron® will actually help remove existing debris from  carburetors and fuel injectors, and then keep them clean.



Problem 2: Excessive Water in the Fuel and Phase Separation


Ethanol attracts moisture from the atmosphere, forming an

ethanol/water solution mixed in the gasoline. Ethanol-blended

fuel will hold up to .5% water in suspension, but when water levels exceed this threshold, or when the fuel cools significantly, the water/ethanol mix drops out of suspension. This is phase separation. Excessive water in the fuel tank causes engines to run rough, stall, and can lead to internal damage to engine

components. Ethanol provides a significant amount of the fuel’s

overall octane rating, so when the ethanol/water solution separates and drops to the bottom of the tank, the remaining fuel is left without enough octane to properly operate the engine. Additionally, the ethanol/water solution can become partially combustible, which can lead to engine damage.


Star Tron® Solution: Star Tron®’s enzyme formula reduces interfacial surface tension between fuel and water. The molecular cluster size is greatly reduced, allowing more water to be dispersed

throughout the fuel. These sub-micron sized droplets are then safely eliminated as the engine operates. Star Tron® treated fuel helps prevent phase separation by allowing more water to be burned off than with untreated fuel, drying out the tank and preventing water buildup.



Problem 3: ETHANOL Fuels Break Down Quickly


Because ethanol and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond, refiners formulate these blended fuels to be used within 30 days. After that point, ethanol fuel begins to break down, evaporating to form gums and other deposits as well as losing octane and becoming “stale.” This causes engines to be difficult to start, as well as pre-detonation “pinging and knock,” all of which rob engines of power and can cause damage.


Star Tron® Solution: Star Tron® is a powerful fuel stabilizer that has been proven to help prevent fuel breakdown for up to two years, making it ideal for engines that may be idle for an extended period or placed in seasonal storage. Also, the enzymes in Star Tron® allow hydrocarbon fuels to burn more completely, for engines that start easily and run smooth, while also preventing pinging and knocking. Star Tron® improves octane levels of sub-standard, non-spec or old fuel and in many cases can rejuvenate stale fuel, restoring it to serviceable condition.


Problem 4: ETHANOL added to Gasoline Results in Lost Power, Performance and Decreased Fuel Economy


Ethanol fuel does not produce as much energy as gasoline. When compared to engines fueled by 100% gasoline, engines running on ethanol-blended fuel show decreased performance, increased carbon deposits, reduced throttle response and worse fuel economy. Additionally, ethanol-blended fuels are not as combustible as 100% gasoline, resulting in decreased performance and carbon deposits.


Star Tron® Solution: Star Tron’s® enzyme formula helps to break apart large clusters of fuel molecules, creating more surface area. This allows additional oxygen to react during combustion, which

results in a more complete burn of the fuel for improved fuel economy, more engine power, better throttle response and significantly reduced toxic emissions. In short, Star Tron restores performance while also removing carbon deposits to keeping engines clean and operating at peak performance.


Star Tron® is a unique, multifunctional fuel additive that addresses all ethanol issues. Star Tron® has been solving fuel problems for boaters across the US since 2003. It will improve the performance of: boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, PWCs, generators, lawn & garden equipment and all other gas-powered

engines. Star Tron® is safe for use in all gasoline and diesel engines regardless of size, age or purpose, under all conditions, even in ethanol fuels up to E85. Star Tron® is an ideal all-season, all-purpose additive, and does all this at one of the lowest costs of any fuel additive.


Be careful of what additive you use – many contain alcohol or other emulsifying agents. Adding more alcohol to ethanol fuels can lead to engine problems. Read the MSDS of any fuel additive before using it with ethanol fuel. Star Tron® does not contain any alcohol or emulsifiers and is 100% safe for use in all ethanol blends. Star Tron® is easy to use, effective and cannot be overdosed.

Star Tron Fuel treatment works!

Star Tron Fuel treatment works!

The fuel additive product that delivers results.
The fuel additive product that delivers results.


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