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Star Tron Fuel treatment products

Joe Boulay : Puts Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment To The Test. “This Stuff Is Incredible”

Now why is Joe Boulay the author  of the book called “If That Car Could Talk “ writing about equipment with small gas engines? Well if any thing is going to test a fuel treatments effectiveness it would be a piece of machinery that sits around with old fuel in the tank.  Now that winter is […]

Joe Boulay Say’s: Prevent Ethanol Issues With Star Tron Fuel Enzyme Treatment

I have been reading a lot lately about  10% Ethanol or also known as (E 10) and the negative effects it is having on fuel systems in most vehicles. Soon the issue may only get worse as  15 % Ethanol or (E 15) will be added to fuel, and some auto manufacturers are stating that it […]