Cheap Muffler VS More Expensive Muffler.

Sometimes you have to spend a bit more to get a lot more. When it comes time to replace a component in your vehicles exhaust system it is best to spend a little more. Why? If you want to replace your  Read more »

Bill G. Asks: Why Do Brake Lines Cost So Much To Replace?

I was asked this question as to why it costs so much in labor to replace brake lines. Well the simple answer is that it is a miserable job for a mechanic to replace them. You might be able to tell by the pile of rusty lines pictured that I just replaced.  It is kind of like when the pipes freeze in your home, you fix one pipe and Read more »

P0139 Down Stream 02 Sensor Slow Response

Well you are driving down the road and everything is fine when all of a sudden this little yellow light illuminates on your vehicles instrument cluster. That’s right your check engine light comes on! So you hear from a friend that you can go to your local parts store and Read more »

Carol S. Asks: Why Is My Oil Pan Rusted And Leaking? Can It Be Repaired?

Carol asked me how her oil pan in her Honda Civic became so rusted. Also she asked if it could be repaired. She asked me how an oil pan could rust because she was told that oil prevents rust on metal. How could this be? Well Carol the rust actually starts from the outside and eventually works its way in. It usually starts as a little stone chip in the paint on the oil pan. Then Read more »

Frost Heaves & Pot Holes: A Ball Joints Worst Enemy !

Well  most of us who live in the northeast are very familiar with the words “frost heaves” and “pot holes.” Many mechanics look at these bumpy road conditions as job security as frost heaves along with pot holes can wreak havoc on your vehicles suspension components. It is important that your vehicles strut assembly’s and or shock absorbers are in good shape. What does a shock absorber do? Read more »

Jean K Asks: What Damage Can A Dirty Air Filter Do To Your Engine?

Well Jean on newer fuel injected engines you will notice a decrease in power with a dirty air filter. With an older vehicle that had a  carburetor you would notice poor fuel mileage. The biggest problem with a dirty air filter is Read more »

Allison E Asks: Can You Really Clean Your Headlights With Toothpaste?

Well Allison that’s a good question! This is something that I have heard about recently, so with your question I decided to give it a try myself.  Now for those of you who are not familiar with what I am talking about  I will explain. Most of the vehicles today have plastic headlight lens,and over time the road dirt has a “sand blasting effect” on the lenses themselves. When this happens Read more »

Nathan C Was Told His Jeep Needed A Head Gasket Replacement.

Nathan came to Boulay’s Garage with an overheating issue with his 2000 Jeep Cherokee. He had the cooling system pressure tested by a friend and no leaks were found then it was suspected that the overheating issue was due to a blown head gasket. Now for those of you who do not know what a head gasket is, Read more »

Nicole Asks: Joe How Can I Prevent My Car From Being Stolen?

Nicole asks : Joe I have a security system installed in my Honda Civic, and it has an Immobilizer system in the car as well. I am finding out that even with those features, my car can still be easily stolen by professional car thieves. Is there anything else I can do? Well Nicole has a good question here, but if you own a car that is desirable Read more »

Incorrect Battery Installed In My Car

Well the individual that owns this car knew that their battery was over 5 years old. The shop that they normally go to told them that their battery tested weak and should consider replacing it soon. The customer said that they would consider it, but they could not afford to do it right now because they were going on a mini vacation. As soon as they got back they would replace the battery. Besides the car was starting just fine…. what do they know anyway? Well guess what? The very first morning they went to leave the hotel to go have breakfast and one turn of the key and Read more »