What Does Hydro Locking Mean?

Now at some point in your life you may be faced with a  flooded road, or parking lot. You think you can drive through it but you are not sure. Well to set your mind at ease I will help you with your decision, don’t do it!  So what is hydro locking your engine mean? Well if you own a vehicle that gathers its air via an air intake tube that is at bumper level, and you so happen to drive in water at bumper level you could have issues.Some earlier Ford Mustangs had issues with pulling water into the air intake tube that was located at the lower right front portion of he bumper. There are other common sense reasons you should not drive your car through water especially if you do not know just how deep the water is! As far as engine damage goes I will explain to you what happens. An engine is designed to have a mixture of fuel vapor and air drawn into the engine and then ignited to complete the combustion process. However you must understand that an engine is unable to compress liquid. When straight water is pulled into the combustion chamber the water cannot be compressed and stops the movement of the piston abruptly causing the connecting rod that connects to the crankshaft to bend. This is a very costly mistake, so think before drive your vehicle into water. Or simply

Car drives through flood water

Car drives through flood water.

get yourself a boat!

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