Bill M. Ask’s: Should I replace only the headlamp bulb that is not working?

Bill M. told me that he went into his auto repair shop he normally uses to have a blown headlamp bulb replaced. The service advisor asked him if he would like to replace the other headlamp while he was at the shop. Bill then asked why would I want to replace the headlamp on the other side,especially when it is still working? If you want my advice

  I would personally recommend replacing the other headlamp, because usually what happens is when one bulb goes the other bulb will surely fail not too long afterwards. If you decide to replace the bulbs yourself make sure that you do not touch the glass portion of the bulb. Your fingerprint on the glass will cause a hot spot to form  and will likely cause the lamp to fail prematurely. Just keep in mind that these headlamps can difficult to replace at times in later model  vehicles ,so look into it before you tackle the job.  So you might want to pay now for two bulbs, or pay later for for the other one!

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