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Jakob Says: My 2002 Toyota Corolla Has A P0420 And The Exhaust Sounds Loud.

Question for ya….have a 2001 Toyota Corolla…and it’s very loud. Sounds like an exhaust leak! Now..I went with the car to a car mechanic in town awhile back when the car was not loud due to a check engine light! Now I cant remember what the code was but they replaced the catalytic converter. I […]

Judy R.Asks: I think I have a small exhaust leak in may car. How can I check it?

Judy asked me this question because she has owned her car for quite some time now, and knows what it usually sounds like. She told me that her car sounds louder than normal ,but her mechanic says that he is unable to find a leak  anywhere in her cars exhaust system. To start off with […]