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Metal on metal brake pad

Deborah L. Asks: Why Does My Car Vibrate And Grind Horribly When I Apply The Brakes

Well Deborah the first question that I would have to ask you would be this. When was the last time you had your brakes checked out? I did have the¬†opportunity¬†to ask Deborah this question and she told me her car was just in for a service not to long ago for a “B” type service […]

Judy R. Says: I had my front brake’s replaced,now my car pulls right when I brake.Whats wrong?

Judy informed me that she just had her front rotors and pads replaced on her 2002 Toyota Corolla and now she has an issue that she is concerned about. She says that when she now applies her brake’s the car pulls sharply to the right and wants to know what might be going on. I […]