Always Wear Your Seat Belt, Especially With Air Bags!

I was just reminded recently of something that I see from time to time. Take a look at the picture in this post and tell me what you see. Yes that is right you see an empty drivers seat with a seat belt connected. So whats wrong with that? Well nothing is wrong with that if you are not sitting on top of the seat belt, driving the car,and you avoid getting into a head on collision with another vehicle or tree. Early on since the development and introduction of  passenger restraints certain individuals do not like the secure feeling of a seat belt wrapped around them,so they sit on top of it connected because they keep hearing an annoying chime going off!  I apologize if I sound like I am going of on a rant here but I cannot believe that so many people are oblivious of the danger they are placing in front of them by doing this. You see the air bag system may recognize that you are in the seat of your vehicle,and it will recognize that the seat belt is connected, but the system does not realize that the seat belt is not wrapped around your body. The air bag system in your vehicle is designed to work with the seat belt system in your vehicle. If you do not have your seat belt on and you get into a significant collision it wont be the accident that kills you, it just may be the air bag that kills you! Why? When the air bag deploys at two tenths of a second and the sudden stop of your vehicle sends your face and whole body towards the deploying airbag  because you do not have on your seat belt  well….. need I say more? Wear your seat belt at all times. Period.

You need to actually have the seat belt wrapped around your body. Just sayin.

You need to actually need to have the seat belt wrapped around your body. Just sayin.

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