Discharge That Static Electricity Before Filling Up Your Gas Tank!

Fuel nozzle filling up the tank.

Everybody knows to turn off their engine before filling up your car with gas right? You should definitely not be smoking a cigarette either when you are filling up the car with gas. Well those are pretty much common knowledge don’t you think?  Well what a lot of people do not think about is the probability of a static shock discharging  and igniting the fuel vapor when you come in contact with the gas nozzle that fills your tank with fuel. Yes it could make for a very bad day! It can happen more in the winter time as there is less moisture in the air to increase the possibility of a static shock discharge. If you have ever wondered why the handle to the gas pump nozzle is coated with a  rubber cover, this is one reason why. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent a static shock from igniting fuel vapor.

1) When you exit your car grab any metal portion of your car as you exit your car.

2) Before you reach for the gas nozzle touch any metal portion of your car to eliminate the possibility of a static shock discharge.

3) Do not activate the auto fill feature on the gas pump handle, and then get back in your car! When you get back out of your car to remove the nozzle from your filler neck there is a greater possibility of fuel vapor ignition.

4) Remove your gas can from your vehicles trunk or pick up truck bed before filling for your lawn mower or other equipment.

With my years of experience as an automotive technician I have learned early on to respect gasoline and what it can do if not handled properly. Please take a second to read the warnings on the gas pumps, it could make a big difference in your life!

Read this and stand by it!

Read this and stand by it!


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