Proof Of The Importance Of Changing Your Engine’s Oil And Filter.

Neglected engine

I was looking through some old photos that I had and I stumbled across these. They are old photos so I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photos. These photos were taken when I was performing a service that required valve adjustments. The vehicles were two identical 1993 Honda Civic EX’s with VTEC  configurations for the valve train. Both of these engines were identical except for one thing,one of them was maintained and one of them was not. So you can obviously tell which vehicle was maintained and which one was not. The engine with the black sludge pictured on top had 90 k miles on it, the clean engine on the bottom had 162 k  on it. The customer that had the clean engine changed his engine oil an filter on a regular basis. I serviced that car since it was brand new and he ended up getting 485 k miles out of it before he got rid of the car! As far as the other car goes that was the first time I ever saw the car, and for all I know it could have been its first oil change the day I saw it! I am sure the car had seen oil changes, but  do not think it saw very many at all.So avoid the consequences of not changing your engine oil and get in the regular habit of servicing your car by the book. Go buy the book “If That Car Could Talk ” How to locate and maintain a good used car. By clicking HERE

Dirty valve cover

Dirty valve cover from poorly maintained car.

Well taken care of engine

Well taken care of engine’s valve cover.

Well taken care of engine .
Well taken care of engines valve train.


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