What Took Them So Long ? All I Needed Was An Oil Change!

So whats wrong with this picture?  No matter where you go you want to get good service right? Whether it be when you go out to dinner , or if you stay at a hotel you want service second to none right? Well you deserve good service because you work hard for your money! As you can see in this picture a Kayak was left on the roof of this car and mechanic could not fully raise the car up in the air to service the vehicle. If you look at the end of the yellow arrows that point to a bar that is actually a limit switch. When something comes in contact with this bar such as a car roof , or in this case a Kayak, it shuts the lift off to avoid damage to what ever it comes in contact with. See page # 121 line 22 in my book “If That Car Could Talk” I originally wanted this picture to go in the book. Now the customer probably did not realize that having a Kayak on their car would make the mechanics job that much harder, but it did. So if you want good service and have it completed in a timely fashion pick up a copy of my book “If That Car Could Talk” and see page 119. You will see a list of thirty one things not to do when you bring your car in for service. I wrote these thirty one items with a humorous tone , so you could get a laugh. Keep in mind that all of the thirty one things listed in the book actually do happen in a mechanics profession. Help yourself by helping your mechanics job just a bit easier. 🙂

Why won't the car go all the way up?

Why won’t the car go all the way up?

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