Old fuel filter & New fuel filter

Every now and then I will see a situation like this one, where a vehicle has not seen the attention it should as far as maintenance are concerned. On the left you can see a brand new fuel filter, and the one pictured on the right is the old fuel filter. The old fuel filter was so old that it rusted through and ruptured and was spraying fuel all over the place and could have resulted in the vehicle catching on fire! Luckily for this customer their sense of smell and common sense told them to shut down the vehicle and get it towed to the shop! Many newer vehicles today do not have externally replaceable fuel filters ,you see the fuel filter is in the tank and is more difficult to get at. So with that said if you need a fuel filter ,you will probably need a fuel pump at that point in time. Please if you ever develop a fuel odor or leak get it checked out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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