Will your snow tires be good in the snow this year?

It is becoming that time of year to start thinking about getting your snow tires mounted on your car. This happens much more than it should, I take the snow tires out of the tire bags they were stored in and “Surprise!” I just had a customer bring their car in to have their snow tires mounted and I had to inform her that her summer tires that I would be removing would be better in the snow than the winter tires she supplied me with.( Note wear bar between red arrows in picture.)

She asked me, and I could clearly see that she was upset when she said. “ Shouldn’t I have been informed that my snow tires would not be good for next season when they were removed”? Well a few things could have happened here, the mechanic that removed the snow tires may have verbally told the service advisor that the snow tires would not be good and the message did not make it to you. Or they just took them off and put them in tire bags and tossed them in your car. This is one of the many situations that I stress the importance of having open communication with your mechanic. Ask your mechanic the condition of your snow tires when they are removed.   You can also take control of the situation yourself and purchase a tread depth gauge available at almost any parts store. Measure your snow tires tread depth when new they will likely be 12/32nds of an inch in depth. Keep this in mind that when your snow tires reach 6/32nds of an inch your snow tires are halfway worn and at this point they can only be considered an all season tire. You can get much more information about getting the most of your snow tires in my book “ If That Car Could Talk”. Click on the Amazon links on the top right of this web page and check it out for a preview.

Tread depth gauge

Tread depth gauge available at local parts store

Depth gauge measuring tread depth

Tread depth gauge on tire measuring tread depth. Make sure to measure tread depth at wear bar area!

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