2009 Toyota Sienna oil cooler line failure

I would like to make you aware of something. If you own a 2009 Toyota Sienna or one that has the original oil cooler lines that are made of rubber I suggest that you replace them as soon as possible.Recently I had a customer contact me and said that

Improved oil cooler line top. Failed rubber cooler line on bottom.

Improved oil cooler line top. Failed rubber cooler line on bottom.

they pulled into their friends driveway and out of nowhere oil started spraying everywhere from the front of her van. She had her van towed to my shop and I was surprised to find the rubber part of the oil cooler lines ruptured. These lines actually failed while she was driving to her friends house and it sprayed oil everywhere underneath the van.  The scary thing about this is it covered the exhaust system and could have caught on fire, or ruin the engine.

I contacted Toyota for the customer to see if perhaps there was an open recall for these faulty oil cooler lines and they said that there was not any recalls pertaining to this issue. As you can see by the pictures shown you can see that the new oil cooler lines are made from aluminum piping and not rubber. If you own a Toyota Sienna and are not sure if your van has this oil cooler configuration have your mechanic check for you. Hopefully this post may save you from having to buy a new engine. Thanks for visiting !

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