My 2006 Ford F-250 steering pulls and wanders

New U joint

If you are driving your Ford F-250 and it does not want to steer or try’s to steer for you this may be what your problem is. That’s right seized front axle U joints. This truck has seen little maintenance and now the customer is paying the price. Sure he changed the oil in his truck, but none of the grease fittings ever got any grease pumped into them. Along with this the upper and lower ball joints are toast! Yes that’s right the ball joint grease fittings never saw any grease either. If you take your vehicle to a quick lube shop tell them to do a slow lube and actually grease all of the fittings. To include all grease fittings on the drive shafts as well. This will help ensure a normal life span of your vehicles steering,suspension and driveline components. Thanks for visiting!

Dry grease cup from seized U joint

Dry grease cup from seized U joint on left. Grease cup on right still has some grease left in it surprisingly !

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