Could A Dirty Cabin Air filter Ruin My Blower Motor?

Well I have never seen this before and I thought would share it with you.  In the picture for this post you see a blower motor from a Toyota. One day all of a sudden the blower motor for this vehicle stopped working on a cold New England winter day.  There is never a good time for your heater fan to stop working! On the right you see an extremely dirty cabin air filter. It is my belief that this dirty filter shortened the life of the blower motor for this Toyota. Why? Lets imagine for a moment that you turn on a window fan, and you drape a towel over the back side of it. Not much air comes out of the front of the fan now does it? You would also notice that the fan was working much harder than it was designed to. If you notice that there is not much for volume of air coming from your dash vents,and you do not know what a cabin air filter is. You just might want to have your cabin filter replaced if it is equipped with one.

Cabin filter& blower motor

Bad blower motor on left, plugged cabin filter on right.


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