Nathan C Was Told His Jeep Needed A Head Gasket Replacement.

Nathan came to Boulay’s Garage with an overheating issue with his 2000 Jeep Cherokee. He had the cooling system pressure tested by a friend and no leaks were found then it was suspected that the overheating issue was due to a blown head gasket. Now for those of you who do not know what a head gasket is, I will tell you that it is not a cheap fix. The gasket in itself is not very expensive but there is a lot of labor involved and costs hundreds of dollars to replace it. I added coolant to the radiator of his Jeep and noticed that the rubber seals were split  on the radiator cap and far from doing the job of which they were designed to do.  Yes the overheating issue with his Jeep was just a $12.00 radiator cap.  Phew! No other leaks were found within the cooling system and the temperature gauge stayed within the normal range. If you ever have a radiator leak and the radiator must be replaced, make sure the radiator comes with a “new” radiator cap.  So the moral to this story is ” If you have an overheating issue or cooling system problem in general start at the radiator cap and work your way inward from there.” Your welcome Nathan!

radiator cap red arrows indicate seals

Radiator cap. The red arrows indicate seals that can crack and no longer function as they should.

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