What happened to my new tires??

This is my first post in this category “Pay now or pay later.” I will give you many examples to spend a little extra money now to perform the repair or service correctly, or pay much more a short time later to do the job over again. In the picture shown you are looking at the cord showing through the tire and directly behind the cord is the air in the tire!

  The customer that owns the vehicle that this bad tire is attached to is a busy traveling salesman. He is so busy that when he had these tires replaced he chose not to have his front end aligned after the tires were replaced. He drove the vehicle for approx three months and this is what he got. His not too long ago new tires were completely ruined because the front end was so completely out of whack. If he had spared some extra time and little extra money his tires would not have worn out this quickly. Now he has to buy two more tires, and have an alignment done! So if you don’t pay a little extra now , you will almost certainly pay a lot more later! When you have tires replaced you should always have a four wheel alignment done. Make sure to check out the tire section of my book “If that car could talk” starting on page 134.

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