Carol S. Asks: Do I really need four snow tires for my front wheel drive car?

Well Carol to provide you with optimum traction and handling you need to have four matching tires all around on your car. Yes even if you have four wheel drive. You especially need to have four matching tires on a front wheel drive vehicle. If you only have snow tires on the front of your front wheel drive car, it will probably

pull you through the snow okay but the rear of your car may swerve and cause your car to spin out! The same goes for studded snow tires; you must have four studded tires on your car. Never only have two studded snow tires!  Stay away from buying used snow tires. If you know that the snow tires have only been on the road for one winter they may be okay. Remember that when a snow tire is half way worn it is basically an all season tire at that point. Used snow tires may seem like a bargain but be careful and measure them with a tread depth gauge and compare the measurement to one of a new snow tire.

Snow flake on tire

Are you ready for lots of snow flakes?

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