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Chevy Silverado Front Wheel Bearing Failure

I have to first start off by saying that this post does not just pertain to Chevy Silverado trucks. This post is meant for any vehicle that has a hub style wheel bearing with an axle nut. Or for any vehicle with a rear wheel bearing hub assembly that has a spindle that goes through […]

New U joint

My 2006 Ford F-250 steering pulls and wanders

If you are driving your Ford F-250 and it does not want to steer or try’s to steer for you this may be what your problem is. That’s right seized front axle U joints. This truck has seen little maintenance and now the customer is


If you have ever wondered whats involved in replacing spark plugs in a 2005 Toyota Sienna well here you go.  As you can see you have to

Could A Dirty Cabin Air filter Ruin My Blower Motor?

Well I have never seen this before and I thought would share it with you.  In the picture for this post you see a blower motor from a Toyota. One day all of a sudden the blower motor for this vehicle stopped working on a cold New England winter day.  There is never a good […]

If That Car Could Talk for Christmas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea – If That Car Could Talk

At the end of the year people often think about replacing their cars or buying a first vehicle. If you need a last minute gift idea and know someone who is in the market for a used vehicle get them a copy of my book. It’s a great guide to buying a used car without […]


Redditors recommended one of my articles!

My article about a timing chain got mentioned on Reddit at the /r/JustRolledIntoTheShop subreddit. User “Disgustipated” liked my writeup and picture and it illustrate a point being discussed on the page. Thanks a ton, Disgustipated, for the kind words. Here’s a link to the discussion on Reddit where my article is mentioned. To any Redditors […]

New Hampshire Chronicle Boulay Segment

New Hampshire Chronicle showed Boulay’s Garage segment again!

New Hampshire Chronicle aired the segment about Boulay’s garage again tonight. I had no idea it happened till a friend told me. That sure explains the rush of visits today! As a thank you to people who watched the show and then came here, I’ll offer a special for New Hampshire Chronicle viewers: $29.95 for […]

Not A Pair Of Vise Grips, This Is A Door Handle!

So what do you do if your cars inside door handle breaks off? Well in this case the individual was able to attach a pair of vise grips to what was left of the inside door handle. This is one of the many things that I see from time to time. This is just a […]

2004 Honda Accord Stretched Timing Chain P0341

I guess that we could call this post “Autopsy of an engine” please join me as we take apart this poorly maintained engine.  Well the owner of the engine this vehicle learned the hard way about what can happen to an engine that has a timing chain and too few oil changes. This engine had […]

2001 Honda Accord P1456

Well you are driving down the road and your check engine light comes on.  You go to your parts store and they read the code that is stored in your cars computer. In this case you have a 2001 Honda Accord, and you are told that you have a code 1456 stored in your PCM […]